David Swartz Art

David’s workshops involve an ambitious and fruitful fusion of arts: abstraction, sculpting, painting, poetry and performance.

David has a rare gift for teaching. His approach encourages reflective practice, stimulates creative risk-taking and supports literacy. His love of the arts has a way of communicating itself quite naturally and spontaneously. His gentle energy creates a safe space where young artists can explore new facets of their own creativity. With humour and humility, he established a supportive studio environment where even the more reluctant art students took the leap into sculptural abstraction with amazing results.

When I first met David last spring, I knew I was in the presence of someone special. Equally at home in a Kensington Market Cabaret as in an Alternative School studio space, David is a contemporary “Renaissance Man”: painter, sculptor, poet, producer, teacher…

He is a great ambassador for the arts and a wonderful role model for young people of the artist’s life.


Elizabeth Ferns


Quest Alternative Senior School